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"A reading with Joan is completely therapeutic. She holds a mirror up to your soul, asks timely and relevant questions, provides feedback with how to use the information presented to you… a reading with Joan is an essential part of the path onto finding yourself…" Cindy Fox

"Joan has a way of getting me centered and ready to hear what the cards have to say. The most insightful readings I have ever gotten have been from Joan."
- Elizabeth Bojsza

"Joan's tarot reading came at a crucial time in my life. Not knowing what to expect, I sat and watched the cards unfold and listened to the insights I needed to hear. 

Joan's compassionate heart and caring words helped me acknowledge, and come to terms with, huge events and feelings in my life that I had been trying to suppress. Though it was not, and is still not, easy, I am eternally grateful for Joan's ability to help me (begin) to unlock what was stuck inside." Ana Maria Delgado 


Joan will be back in Los Angeles 8/24 &25and giving readings at Yogala Echo Park.

For residents of West Sonoma County and the greater Bay Area, I'm offering readings in Santa Rosa, Sebastapol and Guerneville.

Phone sessions always available.

Email Joan to set up an appointment.

Guidance for where you are...

Access your inner knowledge through the symbology of tarot.

Regardless of your belief system, the imagery and symbology of the tarot can help you access inner wisdom and connect to your intuition. I've studied the tarot for 10 years and still learn something new about the cards every day.

An honest tarot reader knows the cards inside and out and works with the querant to access guidance, without claiming to know the future or sell you anything. A tarot reading does not replace professional advice (doctors, lawyers, therapists, etc.)

What to expect: I'll ask you why you came and what you hope to learn. I'll draw cards that examine of a specific situation or provide an overview of your life. The cards are like film stills and tell a unique story for each querant. You may want to take notes or record your reading. You know your life better than I do, and I encourage you to ask questions, request clarifications and tell me what you see in the cards. If you feel uncomfortable, you can stop the reading at any time.

Because it takes time for you to integrate the messages into your life, I recommend you wait at least two months between readings. I won't read you if I don't think you're ready.


$50 (30 minutes) or $100 (60 minutes)
Cash, please. Tips are welcome, but not expected.


Private parties

I am available for private functions. My fee is $100/hour. If you are organizing a party, I will give you a free 15-minute reading and consult to sample my wares.

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