Joan Hawley McClain

Joan Hawley McClain Photo by Kristy GeithmanBig news! I've opened my very own studio! Come visit Riverbed Yoga in Guerneville, CA for classes, orivate sessions and special workshops. We have a fantastic roster of teachers and a beautiful space.

Class and Workshop Schedule

Yogala Echo Park studioCheck for my complete schedule!

Yoga Healing Sessions

A combination of intuitive guidance using tarot, guided meditation and a customized yoga practice. Clear blockages energetically and physically.

Perfect for a variety of conditions, including: infertility, stress-related illness, chronic pain, pregnancy, and any other physical or energetic challenge. Appropriate for any experience level, physical ability and shape. Practice adapted to chair exercises for those with limited mobility.

"Joan is a true teacher.  She's intuitive, intelligent, warm, and insightful.  She tailors every session to my specific needs, and even when I come in the door feeling cranky and stressed, I leave feeling centered and peaceful.  I'm a happier person since I began practicing with her, and I'm so grateful to have found her."
Sarah Fain, Writer

Rates: $100/hour (Includes a 30-minute consultation.) Contact me for off-site and group rates. Cancellation fee: Fewer than 3 hours notice, 100%. Between 3-24 hours, 30%.

Yoga Nidra

yoga nidra guided meditationYoga nidra is an ancient meditation technique. Through a rotation of consciousness, the practitioner releases physical, emotional and energetic holdings.

"Holy RELAXATION!  Yoga Nidra's become a very powerful, thought-provoking & deeply restorative compliment to my evolving yoga practice/life. Joan guides thoughtfully & carefully through the incredible opening and beautiful experience of Yoga Nidra.  I leave unfolded and in tune ~ closer to who I want to be.  Love love love."
Samantha Jones, Owner of Yogala Echo Park

“One of the great appeals yoga nidra has for me is the way it challenges you to be still. We're so often pushed to constantly DO something that a reminder of the importance of stillness and peace is hard to come by.” Carrie O’Dell, Playwright

Read about Yoga Nidra in a recent "Yoga Journal" article.

Private yoga nidra sessions are customized to your intention. I have written scripts for fertility, labor preparation, cancer recovery, anxiety/depression, Alzheimer's, and a variety of other conditions. Scripts can be recorded for an additional $20.

Kripalu Yoga

A Kripalu class helps you find your yoga, balancing breath, movement and mindful meditation. This yoga style is accessible and adaptive to all students and aims to:

  • Restore the body to its natural state of alignment and balance by increasing body awareness.
  • Promote deep concentrated awareness.
  • Awaken the prana (lifeforce) in the body.
  • Experience meditation-in-motion.

Classes range from gentle to moderate and are appropriate for all levels. Beginners welcome!

Home Practice

I am in the process of compiling some of my specialized home practices. Check back for new additions!

- Yoga for Fertility Practice
- Yoga for Bed

Download a free yoga nidra guided relaxation!

Tarot Readings

two of cups tarotAccess guidance through the powerful imagery of tarot. Gain perspective on your path. More info on tarot readings...

Appointments available at these West Sonoma County locations:

Crystal Channels, Santa Rosa
Milk & Honey, Sebastopol
Samadhi Store, Guerneville

Angelenos, I will be in Los Angeles every other month giving readings at Yogala Echo Park. Email for an appointment.

For those of you non-Californians, I regularly give phone readings.


"A reading with Joan is completely therapeutic. She holds a mirror up to your soul, asks timely and relevant questions, provides feedback with how to use the information presented to you… a reading with Joan is an essential part of the path onto finding yourself…" Cindy Fox, Teacher


Kind words about Joan

yoga nidra"Joan's Yoga Nidra class is a profoundly relaxing and expansive experience. She is clearly guided by intuition and has a wonderfully soothing voice that creates a cozy environment, so conducive to journeying. And her Tarot readings are equally insightful and intuitive! Joan is a real cosmic renaissance woman."
-Brent Stevens, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

"Joan is both humble and graceful in her teaching and personal practice.  In Joan's Yoga Nidra classes she creates a safe and welcoming environment which has allowed me to have transformative experiences.  Her open and sweet energy is a blessing to be around. Thank you Joan for everything."
-Mikiala White, Yoga Instructor

"Joan's tarot reading came at a crucial time in my life. Not knowing what to expect, I sat and watched the cards unfold and listened to the insights I needed to hear. 

Joan's compassionate heart and caring words helped me acknowledge, and come to terms with, huge events and feelings in my life that I had been trying to suppress. Though it was not, and is still not, easy, I am eternally grateful for Joan's ability to help me (begin) to unlock what was stuck inside. 

She also helped me and my family move through and process the death of my grandmother. Her reading helped us lovingly let our matriarch go, and brought us peace." - Ana Maria Delgado, Yoga Instructor

"Joan has a way of getting me centered and ready to hear what the cards have to say. The most insightful readings I have ever gotten have been from Joan."
- Elizabeth Bojsza, Professor of Theatre Arts 


Contact and General Info

Contact: 347.647.1568

Location: Yogala
1840 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Payment: Cash, checks (private clients only) and major credit cards (including AmEx).

I am now located in West Sonoma County. I will be in LA every other month teaching and giving readings. I travel to New York every 4-6 months. I am also available over the phone for consultations or readings.